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The Schindler Story

His name is known to millions as a household word for courage in a world of brutality: Oscar Schindler - the flawed hero who saved more than 1,200 Jews from Hitler's gas chambers. 

No one will ever know exactly what made Oscar Schindler do what no German had the courage to do. A large part of the fascination of Schindler is that not even those who admire him most can figure out his motives.

Samaritan actions, brotherly love ...? Oscar Schindler does not exactly fit the description of guardian angel very well! We think we know what goodness looks like. It looks like Gandhi, skinny in his loincloth, or Mother Teresa, unostentatious in her nun's habit. Goodness does not drink, womanize, wear big Nazi-badges ... 

He came to Krakow in the wake of Hitler's SS troops with the intention of making profit on the war by exploiting cheap Jewish labor, he hung out with a crowd of Nazi officers, he was quick with a bribe, he dealt in the black market, he was an alcoholic playboy and a shameless womanizer of the worst sort.

But Oscar Schindler rose to the highest level of humanity and gave his Jews a second chance at life. He continually risked his life and spent millions to protect and save the Schindler Jews, everything he possessed. He died penniless.

In those years, millions of Jews died in the Nazi death camps, but Schindler's Jews miraculously survived. He earned their everlasting gratitude. No matter why - what matters to his Jews is that he surfaced from the chaos of madness and risked everything for them.

To more than 1,200 Jews Schindler was all that stood between them and death at the hands of the Nazis. But he remained true to the Jews, the workers he referred to as my children. In the shadow of Auschwitz he kept the SS out and everyone alive.

Holocaust Photos

Today there are more than 7,000 descendants of Schindler's Jews living in US and Europe, many in Israel. Before the Second World War, the Jewish population of Poland was 3.5 million. Today there are between 3,000 and 4,000 left.

This site shows Schindler Jews sharing memories of their unlikely savior - stories to bear witness to goodness, love and compassion. To serve as eulogy to the millions with a yellow star who lived and died during the dark years of the Nazi genocide.

Generations will remember Oscar Schindler for what he did ..

- Louis Bülow


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